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Funny comic book party.

2015-07-22 23:54:03 by stafffighter

Last night my local library threw a "comic con fan fast" in which geekery of all sorts was celebrated to the degree of a small New England town at it's peak. As I am a Hawaiian shirt wearing party animal, I decided to go. Except I did not wear a hawaiian to this party because I brought my teenage neice and did not wish to embarass her. 

There were many small games set up around themes such as a sack throw into the deathstars port and dancing baby groot hot potato but the star even was live action Pac-man. A grid was taped off for the entirtuy of the middle sized room. A player assuming the role of Pac was allowed to run while collecting pellets, and the other volenteers as ghosts could merely walk. I took on the role of Pinky as to spare any of the little boys from having to choose it. My neice was pac. When my time came I caught her. I'm a badass pink ghost. Unfortunatly my neice became addicted to this game, playing it at least 4 times. When it was made clear I was the only grownup joining in I decided to sit it out, meaning someone had to watch her purse. That was my role through the evening. Whenever a game required the use of her hands or she had to sign the raffle tickets given as prizes Unkie was on purse duty. Hi, I'm Unkie. I have been for over 20 years. It's a brand name. I'm sticking to it.

My personal staring events were the trivia competitions. For doctor who I got tickets for knowing both the third Doctors fighting style and, oddly enough, that Back to the Future came out in 1985.I faired less well at the pin the bow tie on the Doctor event, in which I was spun around and charged at a flimsy tripod. The results were hilarious. Fortunatly the nice man dressed in a Jedi robe at the next table said it happened a bunch of times. Jedis are cool.  The star wars game was picking ten random star wars figures out of a box and sticking them to whatever planet they were associated with. As the man running it was a true nerd he accepted my answer that I'd run out of room on the deathstar but the Emperor did get started on Coresant.

Also there was a sketch artist availaible. As I stood pateintly in line I watched as stacks of bat and spider men grew towards the roof, which leaked on me. Should have told someone about that. Or purposfully slipped on the wet spot and sued someone, but I digress. I wanted a Crow T Robot, but it was clear that the people were sticking very strictly to comic book bounds and frankly, it was a point at the evening I could see him tiring, so I went with the roughly human shaped Morpheous. This led to a moment of small glory. As to give him time to work they had another convention worker taking down requests. When I gave mine he asked "from sandman?" This man knows his stuff. I answered in the affermitive. He wrote down sandman and joked that he was going to tell him to draw the golden age character Sandman. To this I shot back "Well that's ok because Wesley Dodds was a portion of his essence during his captivity." Had to let the man know he wasn't dealing with a rookie. If the green lantern shirt and ring and various pins hadn't clued him in to that.

What pins you ask? One corner of the room was apparently the girl section. There was a table for Frozen, which despite the many little girls dressed as Ilsa was not too busy. There was a my little pony table, and also a table for pins. There was a wide selection of pop culture new and old. My neice went with a classic Robin because she likes the boys in short shorts. I joke about this often and at length. I'm that kind of uncle.The pins were a buck each so I splurged a little, getting both of us two and each making one of our own. They had these cool little press things you could turn your own drawings into buttons with. I can't draw so I made up my own hero "cap'n awesome face." This is a timed and published media so if anyone steals this idea I will find you.The pre-made buttons I chose ended up going on a lost heroes theme.  One is on Harold Ramos and the other is Boston native son Leonard Nemoy being embraced by the also awesome George Takei, picture at the bottom.

At the end of the evening those pins and the essential spider-man 2 collection (I got to the give away table late) were all I went home with but the real gift is the good time, which was had by all. I got to hang out with like minded people and cringe when children picked up the power pellet the second a ghost was unleashed. Kids have no gaming instincts any more. Also there was pizza. Here's that picture. Have a nice evening.

P.S Also the newgrounds typing window thingy negated my spell checker so you get to see how dumb I really am




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2015-07-23 22:43:13

that ring and hat though! man that sounds like such god darn blast
nothing like that where i am, not that often and not to that extent.
your niece seems like a nice girl and really lucky to have a cool uncle to show her and take her around all of these things to do
if i wanted to go to one of this things, id have to fly out to the states or something.
Iv never been to the states yet even.

thats a funny picture. im not laughintg at you im laughing at how awesome that pic is but sounds like eventful time you have had :D


2015-11-29 17:12:07

the crazy dinosaur is also the green lantern


2016-05-17 10:09:32

hi woowie


2016-05-29 18:25:24

why cant i be arrogant about what i let teach me


2016-05-29 22:34:54

fag enabler


2017-02-18 13:16:00

Ok then


2017-03-03 14:01:00

Came across this trailer and thought you'd enjoy it. The movie looks hilariously bad. Also, it has a T-Rex in it, so I thought of you:


2017-03-30 17:36:06

I remember when a joint and a good game of magic the gathering was enough for us nerds. Oh those times are gone now.